It will take 15 to 20 years before we can say our school or the ecosystem we are committed to create and nurture, is meeting its intended purpose. We must create some early indicators of success, and closely track those.

What are some of those indicators?

  • Our Students want to come to class every morning.
  • Our teachers speak with passion whenever anybody talks to them about work.
  • Parents aspire to send their children to our school.
  • Our students excel in competitions of choice.
  • We are known and respected as an open and transparent organization, eager to collaborate with schools, other academic institutions, government, business and social enterprises, for the benefit of society.
  • Other schools, social organizations, researchers and government become interested in our practices and want to study us, for learning, implementation, and insights.
  • Competitions, communities, and workshops organized by us are sought after, across states, and draw wide participation.
  • Our students and teachers have their viewpoint and the Community values that.
  • Our students and teachers will be known as good human beings and loved for their values, etiquette and connectedness as much as they are respected for what they excel in.
  • Not the least, our students (and parents) do not look out for private tuitions!

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