To create the most desired school in the East Coast at Brahmapur ( Berhampur ), so that our students grow to lead not only economic and technological progress, but also become harbingers of social change and responsible citizenship in the regions they choose to live in.

We will be known for:

  • Providing Holistic Education – student will be exposed to communities, environment, good citizenship practices, their culture and their country.
  • Involving Parents and Community as stakeholders, so that our students will excel not in an insulated environment of excellence but by remaining connected with society and its realities.
  • Impacting social and environment practices by engaging with local problems, thus learning responsible citizenship in a hands-on manner. Creating a sense of responsibility for society, a sense of gratitude for receiving what they are privileged to, and a sense of empowered energy to follow their good sense and to create change with courage.
  • Offering variety of paths to excel in, and exposure to a spectrum of career options as our students grow into their teens.
  • Spanning interesting and joyful methods of teaching and evaluation that go beyond classroom chalk and talk and testing of memory skills. Teaching thinking, collaboration, sharing, empathy, fairness, ethics, and communicating for diverse purposes, through practical challenges and assignments.
  • Exposure to multiple concepts and perspectives, people, and professions. Encouragement to ask questions, question belief systems, take decisions, approach experts, and explore their own limits, so that they grow into thinking, continuously learning citizens, willing to take risks.

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