Our Mission is to explore effective methods of teaching and learning that are fun, meaningful, and affordable.

To achieve this, we intend to:

Create a “connected” School that is also a Laboratory to showcase effective teaching practices.

  • Alumni from our school will not just excel in their professions but also be role models in society, and make a difference to the businesses, communities, and people around them
  • Nurture and share holistic Curriculum and Practices for Purpose-centered, responsible living.
  • Go beyond the “syllabus” to focus on Sports and Physical activities, Nature and Responsible Living, Purpose and Values, Thinking and Questioning, Introspection and Empathy.
  • Students will develop their Core Principles, Interests, Strengths, and Personal Life Processes

Nurture an Education Lab that becomes:

  • A centre to share knowledge and disseminate best practices
  • A hub to attract the best experts and teachers who share their experience, as well as fresh graduates aspiring to learn and become fantastic teachers
  • An institute for students across the country coming in for limited durations to immerse in goal-focused learning. They will come in inspired, and go out with curiosity for more

Be seen as an Aspirational Centre for Teachers and Parents who connect with us to enjoy and progress in their journey as Teachers, Parents and Mentors.

Remain connected with Community and discover opportunities for mutual leverage.

  • Build a green campus and sustainable practices, and curriculum based on Green Living.
  • Engage in co-creation of learning and social spaces, and collaborative problem solving.

Exposure to diverse facts, networks, connections, and perspectives create all round development in a far more defined manner.

There is scepticism that if we do all these, Maths and English will suffer. There is no data to back that belief. Those being force-fed Maths develop a scare for the subject, and that is unfortunate. We aim to dispel that myth.

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