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Welcome to klorofeel school

Klorofeel School is designed for an exciting journey in joyous learning. Learning mathematics need not be boring and repetitive, nor scary. History must not be an effort at memorizing dates nor an endless list of warrior kings – it needs to be a breathtaking narrative of events and processes that shaped our past, provoking us to think “what if” and “why” – and what lessons we can draw for the present. Not just History, all subjects need to come alive in the minds of students, kindling their imagination, often in directions not imagined by us. Science, Geography, Civics and Literature must relate to our environment and the regular issues that challenge us.

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Kalyan Banerjee


Message from the Senior Principal

Dear Parents,

I am delighted to be at Klorofeel School Brahmapur as the Senior Principal.

The word “Education” has two root meanings 1. Educere and 2. Educare. While the former emphasizes drawing out what is within the learner and helping in the  manifestation, the latter focuses on training and shaping the learner.

In Indian tradition, it is said: “Sa Vidya ya Vimuktaye” that envisages education as the liberating process that awakens the inherent discriminating capacity (Viveka Buddhi) and helps the learner to operate from the wisdom and make the right choice in life.

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Alok Kumar Mohanty

Senior Principal

सा विद्या या विमुक्तये

Klorofeel School: Visual Identity


The two hands of different colours stand for collaboration as well as diversity.When diverse minds come…

Letter to Parents


We are witnessing an unprecedented event in our shared history that Corona Virus is unleashing on mankind.

Our Objective


Our objective is to create a joyful learning environment with Meaning and Relevance to the real world…

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