Those of us who converged early to form the initial Klorofeel team have had our separate, diverse journeys. Together, we have been in State Board, ICSE, and CBSE schools. Grown up in schools with English medium as also Indian language medium. Have had the privilege of studying with teachers who were revered experts, or caring and affectionate. Some of them were approachable, and some we feared. There were subjects we loved, and some we tried to avoid.

Some of us were privileged to study in well endowed highly rated institutions, and some of us were not.

We took varied routes in our lives before meeting at this confluence – the Klorofeel School at Brahmapur. One of us served in the Indian Army, and actually fought the enemy at the border, yet another studied in a school meant to produce soldiers for our Defence but pursued a different career. One of us became an entrepreneur right at the beginning of his career and produced a successful e-vehicle, some others tried that at later parts of our careers. Many of us are part of social enterprises even prior to Klorofeel School, understand social equity, what education can do to break social and economic barriers, while some others pursued professional careers in famed wealth creating companies that put India on the economic map of the world.

Most of us have experience in teaching – mainstream and otherwise. Together we have experimented with a variety of pedagogies – we understand what works, with whom, and why, what are the enabling conditions to sustained learning experiences. We have not always succeeded at first shot (or even second or third try), and we have the patience and resilience and commitment to keep trying – we understand when the future of our children is at stake, we do not have a choice but to keep exploring till we succeed.

With our diverse collective experiences, from well endowed, globally acclaimed Corporate Learning environments and Universities to engaging with under-privileged children at learning centres in deprived regions of Odisha, together we have a view on creating effective learning ecosystems and tools to deliver inspiring children experiences

With the varied experiences through diverse paths and belief systems, we are united by a common purpose and a few shared values. We believe education is the route to nation building, and we are committed to building first rate educational infrastructure beyond the metros. We want to see the future of India emerge from all regions of the country, specially from towns beyond the state capitals. We value social equity, fairness, truthfulness, dependability, openness, sharing and the spirit of service. We believe in the path of nation building, there is no competition – and we look forward to collaborating with similar purpose.

Destiny has been kind to us. We have been able to come together as a diverse but aligned team, and finding support from well wishers across professions. Portending well for the future of the children we hope to influence.

Victor Hugo is supposed to have said there is nothing in the world so powerful as an idea whose time has come. We believe the time is now. And with the variety of well wishers growing in support of this idea, it seems “the Universe is conspiring” to make this happen (Paulo Coelho).

With your support, and in partnership with parents and community at Brahmapur, our journey continues …