Economics in Everyday Life

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September 10, 2021

6:00 PM - 7:00 PM


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Economics in Everyday Life

On the evening of 10th September, our students were treated to a webinar with Prof Kaushik Basu, live from Cornell. Prof Kaushik Basu was Chief Economist at the World Bank (2012-16), and Chief Economic Adviser to Government of India. He spoke on “Economics in Everyday Life and the Role of Ethics” where he explained economics concepts in simple language with everyday examples one can relate.
Klorofeel School is grateful to Filix School, our partner school, for organizing this, and for inviting our students into this program. It has been the endeavour of Klorofeel School to create such opportunities for our students and tickle their curiosity. We believe our students benefit from such exposure and it will lead them to think and question about topics they were unaware of – and hopefully be inspired to learn more and inquire more about new concepts they get exposed to.
Such sessions are attractive to parents and teachers as well, and parent interest will trigger more learning and curiosity in children.
Interested students, parents and teachers may access a recording of the enlightening session at

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