Dear Students and Parents,

We are excited with the opening of the Klorofeel School, Brahmapur, for the teaching and learning of students of all classes, in the campus, since 28th February 2022.

In last two years, during the lockdown, we tried our best with Remote Education.

We also innovated in the manner right education reaches you at home. From Science at Home to learning our regular courses through Drama , from Robotics with our coach from New York to community problem solving with Reap Benefit at Bangalore, thrown with lots of art, craft, puzzles and quizzes that have become the Klorofeel staple, we enjoyed them all, despite the constraints.

We have a lot more to look forward to now – the main Academic Building is impatiently waiting for you all …

With all its opens spaces …

You know what, we will have classes in the open too! 😊

So far you did puzzles through WhatsApp groups, now you will see puzzles on your corridors, on lacquered glass panel:

And the Curiosity Centre, complete with its Laboratories, Performing Art and Fine Art studios and The Library (and you know we have a Toy Library, and a Mini Library inside every classroom,


And the hills to behold that Nikhilesh, our Class 6 student, has affectionately named Klorohill !

We won’t let out more. Indulge your Curiosity, find out for yourself. Come, enjoy, and create your life’s script, together with your friends and teachers, at Klorofeel School.


Dr. Haribandhu Panda

Chief Executive Officer