Learning Science from Home

Science teaching in Klorofeel School is led and guided by Mr Brahmanand Swain, an active member of Association for Research and Training in Basic Science Education, Nagpur. The organization conducts annual Apoorva Vigyan Mela (AVM) each year since 1998, where innovative science experiments with easily available material are demonstrated by rural children. The mela is highly popular in Nagpur and around 50000 students and parents visit the mela each year. Apoorva Vigyan Mela has been visited by eminent scientists and science popularizers like Dr. C N R Rao, Prof. Yash Pal, Mr Samar Bagchi, Mr Biman Basu.

Brahmanand Sir started the annual Shuhrut Chhatra Shrama Shibir (Popularly known as Student’s Science Camp) for rural students of Odisha in 1989. Now, for more than 30 years, this program is highly popular among students. He has conducted more than 100 workshops; he is trained as Master Resource Person (MRP) by Department of Science and Technology (DST), and has touched students across six states. Klorofeel School is fortunate to have him among us, to promote science education in the region.

He is associated with Pratham, a voluntary organization working for Science Education. At present nearly 500 science videos are under preparation in Odia. He has also co-authored books on learning Science through experiments.

He is a proponent of learning science by experimenting with material commonly available at home. Watch some of our videos through which children in our school can learn from home.

Proud to support him in his Science Education Mission are Chandrani Mitra, Puja Kumari, Dr Haribandhu Panda, and Ms Kabita Swain.