• We are only catalysts. We just enable the tree to absorb energy from the environment. Chlorophyll uses the capacity available within the tree and its immediate environment to nurture the tree – the tree grows and develops into something useful for others, in its own way.
  • We value simplicity over perfection, if simplicity helps that learning. That’s why Klorofeel has a simpler spelling than the original word (Chlorophyll) which is difficult to spell.
  • We recognize Education is about addressing the heart as much as the head. The “feel” of the name highlights that.
  • We believe in empowerment and local excellence, and those will be our working principles. See how chlorophyll nurtures life in variety of trees, with diverse fruits and flowers. Klorofeel will do the same.
  • Chlorophyll sets off reaction that leads to conversion of carbon dioxide and release of oxygen – and that sustains the earth. We will be measured by this metaphor, i.e. our “Oxygen Footprint”.

Klorofeel School: Visual Identity

  • The two hands of different colours stand for collaboration as well as diversity.
  • When diverse minds come together, magic happens. The beaker emerges from the background.
  • The Beaker is traditionally a symbol of experimentation.
  • The bubbles in the beaker imply energy and action, something is brewing.
  • Notice the bubbles co-exist in different sizes and colours.
  • The beaker is boundaryless, and there’s a certain mystique about its unbounded presence.
  • The hands and the beaker, together generate a lovely outcome – the rising water vapour in
    multiple colours – they are independent, fluid, yet aligned – come together to create a beauty
    we won’t perceive if they were alone.
  • he green background suggests a living reality – signifying growth. Green also stands for
  • If in Brahmapur, we cannot ignore the sea, signified by the Blue. The sea is calm and is filled with treasures but it also influences the weather and ecosystem around it. Also, the Sea cannot be
    taken lightly, at times human lives can be at peril, we need to be mindful of that.
  • सा विद्या या विमुक्तये – “that is knowledge, which liberates” is our Motto. That explains our