Klorofeel School is designed for an exciting journey in joyous learning. Learning mathematics need not be boring and repetitive, nor scary. History must not be an effort at memorizing dates or an endless list of warrior kings – it needs to be a breath-taking narrative of events and processes that shaped our past, provoking us to think “what if” and “why” – and what lessons we can draw for the present. Not just History, all subjects need to come alive in the minds of students, kindling their imagination, often in directions not imagined by us. Science, Geography, Civics and Literature must relate to our environment and the regular issues that challenge us.

Our children will explore a wide range of interests and that includes sports and games, debates and quizzes, music and drama, and much else we cannot envision today. As they explore, they will find what interests them more – and together with parents, we will encourage them to engage deeper in their chosen pursuit – so they excel while they enjoy. Education must not become constrained by syllabus or be reduced to finding the “correct” answer in the shortest possible time. Nor should it be the teacher or the parent’s job to provide the “answers” to the child. The student must find the answers herself, and the teacher’s or parent’s responsibility is to nudge the child into this exploration.

True, there are Board examinations, and one must fetch high marks to be recognized by society and to progress in one’s career. These are laudable objectives, and we will achieve these while we build curiosity, friendships, diverse interests, high aspiration, a sense of responsibility, and values that help us navigate through life. In fact, a relentless focus on marks and staying constrained to syllabus is a barrier to academic excellence and subsequent success in life. Some children do brave such barriers and do well, but it is far more likely that curious, happy, aspiring children excel in examinations and in life – even as they find meaning and passionately pursue the purpose they chose, not what was thrust upon them.

At Klorofeel School, education means doing what is good for the child, rather than constrain the child into doing only what is good for the school. We need to ensure the interests of the child drive the interests of the school and not the other way round. We also believe parents are the first teachers of the child, and education at Klorofeel is in collaboration with the parent, and not an outsourced experience. Klorofeel School with its teachers and students will also be connected with the community around us, and the highs and lows of the society we are in. We shall not be an island of excellence, and together we will grow. Parents, teachers, and members of the society around us – come join us in this interesting journey and feel younger, while engaging with our children in the spirit and joy of nation building.