Kalyan K Banerjee

Kalyan K Banerjee



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Present Position

Chairman and Faculty of Mathematics and Learning Explorations

Work Experience
    • Computer Engineer at Wipro Global R&D (1986-99)
    • Co-Founder and responsible for Learning, at Mindtree (1999-2012)
    • Education and Social Enterprises (2012-now)

My experience areas broadly span four areas:

    • Technology – Systems Software Designer (UNIX kernel) as part of Wipro’s R&D (10 years). Since the last decade I mentor and support a few technology companies, e,g. Heraizen.
      • My work centered around operating systems and UNIX kernel, my primary focus in my first ten years at Wipro’s R&D (1986-1999). I was part of the dream team that designed Landmark, India’s best-selling systems in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. This dream team was creating solutions for India while nurturing a happy and empowered environment that led the transformation of Indian industry.
      • I headed Human Resources at Wipro’s Global R&D for two years (1997-99), focused on transforming it to be centered around people aspirations, and introduced six-sigma processes to make it operationally effective. Prior to this, we architected the “Wipro University” (1994-97) that effectively transformed unemployed engineers for a career in systems software. This was conceived in 1994, ahead of the numerous corporate training initiatives that came in later.
    • Learning Culture, People and Motivation, Leadership Coaching:
      • Headed Human Resources at Wipro’s Global R&D (2 years)
      • Learning and Leadership Coaching at Mindtree (7 years)
      • As part of MindTree, we conceived the Knowledge Management, Culture and Competence and Leadership Development initiatives, experimenting with diverse methods like Communities, Near peer learning, and Evaluation as paths to learning.
      • Teaching Leadership, Systematic Innovation, Appreciation of Conflicts and Ethics, have been some of my favourites during this phase. Introducing Learning credits or Evaluation for everyone at Mindtree, and creating a Leadership dictionary relevant to leadership attributes for our industry, have been some interesting initiatives.
    • Senior Management – Senior Vice President, R&D Services at Mindtree (6 years)
    • Education: My mission is to explore effective, affordable, and fun ways to teach and learn – and once we see results, share our experiences with the world, and support others in implementation. Was Pro Vice Chancellor at Centurion University for three and half years. Founded Klorofeel Foundation in 2017, aimed at education for the under-served. They serve 400 children in 17 villages at Bishamcuttack (Western Odisha) and 8 government schools in Paradeep (coastal Odisha). Also Mentor schools and entities focused on young students, including Reap Benefit and Walnut. Now co-creating Klorofeel School, Brahmapur, with like minded people.
Subjects Taught prior to School
  • Computer Science
  • Leadership
  • Innovation
Selected Writings:
  • Conference on Meaningful Education for the Excluded (2014)
    • Experiments in Creating Learning Outcomes
    • Gen-Y and the Changing Learning Process
  • Other Conference Papers and Presentations (2017)
    • Gerontology and Higher Education at International Gerontology Conference, Paralakhemundi
    • Education for Nation Building, at Conference on National University, Bangalore
  • Impact of Emerging Digital Technology, co-authored Chapter 3 on ‘Leading in the Era of Digital Abundance’ with Prof. K B Akhilesh, Indian Institute of Science (IISc.), and S. Uma Maheshvari, Mindtree Limited. Publisher: IGI Global
  • Applying TRIZ in building organization culture – Paper presented in TRIZCON 2006, at Milwaukee, on using innovation approach to culture tools.
  • “Conflict Management in Projects” – Project Management Leadership Conference, 2005.
  • “Urban Issues in Bangalore City” – CII’s India Innovation Summit 2008
  • “Teaching in the Abundance Era” – invited paper in BITES periodical, for IT faculty in Karnataka, India.
  • “Success in the Abundance Era” – presentation at Testing Leadership Conference, 2011.
Institutions Associated With
  • Co-Founder, Klorofeel Foundation and Klorofeel Education Association
  • Board Member at Reap Benefit, Heraizen and iAccept
  • Chairman, Harsha Trust
  • Mentor: Walnut, Forum for Rural Weavers
  • Create, Showcase and Mentor fun, affordable, effective education environments.
  • Mentor and Support honest, visionary organizations and leaders focused on transforming education and/or building social equity.

My Education

  • Bachelor of Technology (Electrical Engineering)

    Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi.

  • Master of Technology (Computer Science)

    Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur.



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