Children are inspired to learn, and learn easily when they find something interesting.

What is interesting?

That’s a topic of exploration, and different children will find different things interesting.

As teachers, parents and educators, our foremost purpose is to promote Curiosity. Students must be curious, must ask questions, and must he inspired enough to discover the world and the laws of the world, on their own.

At Klorofeel School we are committed to create an Environment of Curiosity where children are encouraged to ask questions, explore, make mistakes, and learn.

We have repeatedly seen that Quizzing is an excellent tool to promote Curiosity and help children learn. We have engaged with Quizzing as a Curiosity tool for years – and also conducted Quizzing in Brahmapur town prior to starting Klorofeel School. With Walnut Knowledge Solutions (, we have done several quizzing for Brahmapur, initially in Town Hall and later online (when social distancing became the norm.)

Of course, we do regular quizzes for Klorofeel students. This is our norm to provoke interest in topics of interest, and it works.

To enjoy quizzing at Klorofeel School the way our children enjoyed and learnt, do view these videos: