Life as an Airforce Pilot

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June 5, 2021

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM


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Life as an Airforce Pilot

On 5th June, our students were fortunate to listen to Wing Commander S K Patel, recipient of 7 medals, and learn about the life and career of an Air Force pilot. Apart from learning about his life, we also learnt about his perspectives, some of which are both instructive and inspiring. Here are some of what we learnt:
  1. No pain, no gain
  2. Spend your free time in the Library – there is plenty to learn
  3. He kept repeating the significance of hard work and discipline if we have to succeed.
  4. Life in the Air Force is fun. You go many places, meet many people.
  5. Better pilot is not a pilot who uses his superior intelligence to get out of a difficult situation, better pilot uses his superior intelligence not to get into a difficult situation
Students asked some interesting questions!
  1. How do you outmanoeuvre missiles?
  2. How to fly through a valley?
  3. If there is a hole in the aeroplane, what happens
  4. What if fuel gets low or empty?
  5. Can a commercial pilot fly any plane?
  6. Did you have any accident while flying an airplane?
  7. How are you able to see the runway from a distance?
  8. What do we study to become a pilot?
And he answered all of these patiently. The students and teachers of Klorofeel School are happy and grateful that he spent so much time trying to respond to every curious student.

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