When students ask questions you cannot answer, you know the student is thinking. Schools are not built to showcase the teacher’s omniscience. They exist to nurture Curiosity, Original Thinking, Critical Thinking, Creativity – and questions are evidence they are thinking, they are curious.

In the short span of Klorofeel, I have already been stumped by so many questions I could not answer. All these just from one student:

  1. What is a white hole?
  2. How did they measure distance in the sea?
  3. United Kingdom is such a small country. How did they conquer India?
  4. How does gunpowder work?

At Klorofeel, we hope our students continue to ask questions we cannot answer.

On Sundays, we invite the students to attend the family quiz programme, Qshala, hosted by Walnut to audiences around the world.

Qshala quizzes are topical and more than just memory of events and people. Their “Connection” questions, lead you to think and connect different visuals to find the desired answer.

Our job as teachers is to provide our students with the right exposure, so they get curious, think, ask questions, and connect. Curiosity and Thinking are not visible, but questions are tangible indicators that the child is curious, the child is thinking.