Democratic, independent India has made progress in several spheres. However, this progress has been asymmetric, some regions have progressed faster than others. Within regions, the bigger cities seem to have leapt ahead of smaller towns and villages.

We have also noticed that access to good schools and progressive education has helped children from less privileged families to break social, economic, and community barriers and earn their rightful place in society. Such progress has been specially visible in last 25 years when professionals from middle and lower middle class backgrounds have excelled in science, technology, business and sports. This has led to a growing middle class and long list of middle class icons from diverse parts of the country.

This progress has its issues. Burgeoning cities that are difficult to sustain, cornering of the most privileged courses and colleges by the new middle class, growing dependence on big cities for livelihood, and an emerging glass ceiling for those who lack exposure, are leading to asymmetric progress for those with access to quality education.

In every district of India, there are a few hundred schools with inadequate resources, resulting in less than desired learning outcomes.

Our dream is to create schools in smaller towns that are as desired as any school in the country – so children from across the country excel and build a fairer society with more sustainable progress. Such approach will not just break barriers to social equity but also pave the path for sustainable growth across regions. And in this endeavour, we shall join hands with anyone with aligned approach to nation building.

Brahmapur is the first such location.

Children and Parents, do join us in carving your most coveted school. Together.

When you fulfil your dream of leading India’s progress, you fulfill ours.