Welcome to Klorofeel!

We have a dream! At Klorofeel, we want to create an exemplary educational institution on the east coast of India, and the first choice of school for parents in Odisha and beyond.

We have created an environment of curiosity and fearlessness where our learners will engage in diverse learning opportunities. Our engagement will inspire each student to inculcate inventiveness, self-confidence, and resilience to pursue primary experimentation and become independent and ethical lifelong learners.

We believe in partnering with our students in learning to create positive relationships, and in building capacity in our student community so that they are enabled to effectively engage in the world of the future where the sets of challenges keep altering and rote learning becomes redundant. We hope to enable our students to recognise change and engage in problem-solving, evaluating, working in collaboration, effectively communicating, and innovating to meet these challenges. We seek to deepen knowledge by going to the core of concepts. We believe our learners will continually push boundaries of existing knowledge.

We value relationships and connections with the local community and our students will partner with us to actively engage in impacting positive change in education and livelihood interventions in the local community. We expect our students to feel proud of the community they come from, embrace its culture, and utilise that as a base for discovering their own identity. We also encourage our students to develop respectful relationships with their peers, teachers, and the community at large.  Our students will leave Klorofeel without any sense of entitlement, with deep humility that there is always more to learn, and with genuine respect for alternate points of view.

We are constructing a curiosity center lined with laboratories, workshops, a telescope, night-at-school camping sites, performing areas, podiums, stages, and studios where students would spend a good part of their workday and some designated evenings in cutting-edge experiential learning. Presently we are introducing our lessons through engaging online sessions, interactive assignments, gamification of content, and home-based original experimentation along with other fluid means of delivery.

Our purpose at Klorofeel is to facilitate our learners to love and accept themselves as they are and to know that they have much to offer to this world. We will instill in our learners a keen social conscience and the capacity to make ethical decisions.

We have handpicked educators who subscribe to our vision and who see their vocation as a calling in life and as a service to mankind. Our educators undergo an organic and continuous professional development programme with interventions from renowned experts from various fields linked to education.

We would very much like to welcome you to engage with us so you can feel for yourself the warm, purposeful atmosphere in our school, and experience the true spirit of Klorofeel.

Arani Baksi