Dear Parents,

I am delighted to be at Klorofeel School Brahmapur as the Senior Principal.

The word “Education” has two root meanings 1. Educere and 2. Educare. While the former emphasizes drawing out what is within the learner and helping in the manifestation, the latter focuses on training and shaping the learner.

In Indian tradition, it is said: “Sa Vidya ya Vimuktaye” that envisages education as the liberating process that awakens the inherent discriminating capacity (Viveka Buddhi) and helps the learner to operate from the wisdom and make the right choice in life.

Education in order to be complete needs to be integral and all-encompassing. It means all the parts of the being i.e., Anamaya kosha (Physical being), Pranayama kosha (Emotional Being), Manomaya kosha (Mental Being), Vignanamaya kosha (Psychic being), and Anandamaya kosha (Spiritual being) must be properly nurtured and be given an environment that supports growth.

Thus, true knowledge awakens intelligence and liberates the consciousness from bondage, and facilitates further evolution in fulfilling the purpose of life through effective contribution. In the process, the child discovers his/her true calling and learns the topics that appeal to the heart and tickles the mind, and creatively makes things that would be a gift to the world.

We at Klorofeel precisely want to do that.

We at Klorofeel aspire to create a space that would be free from fear and inhibition, and help in exploring the inner realm within oneself leading to the flowering of the learner in goodness according to his/her Swadharma and Swabhava and mature as an awakened, sensitive, concerned, and compassionate citizen. We are designing an environment where learning will happen through a lively interaction and engagement between the facilitator and student, student and student, student and parents, and student and the community. Most of the time learning will be experiential and hands-on. Their fundamental abilities of attention and concentration, observation, and imagination would be nurtured through the right kind of activities.

21st-century education demands futuristic education that is truly child-centered. It not only demands knowledge and wisdom but also life skills, study skills, and values. Experiential learning with differential education leads to an inclusive attitude and will facilitate a lifelong learning mind. At Klorofeel we aspire to actualize that.

In this sacred journey, we are all partners. We are all bridges so that that child can cross over to the other side and make it more harmonious, beautiful, enriching, and fulfilling. Are we ready? It is an adventure. Let’s buckle our shoes.


Alok Kumar Mohanty

Senior Principal