Children are inspired to learn, and learn easily when they find something interesting.

What is interesting?

That’s a topic of exploration, and different children will find different things interesting.
At Klorofeel School, we explore Quizzes, Puzzles, Expert Remote Faculty, Experiential Learning, Word Games, Maps as interesting to a large number of students.

At Klorofeel School, we experimented with Sudoku and many students find it interesting. Sudoku is an interesting learning aid for educators as well, as it teaches concentration, perseverance, ability to see and find patterns, applying old patterns and finding new ones, …

To see how Sudoku was taught step by step, Please look at the presentation here: “Small Sudoku – Solution”

Our Students in Class 5 learnt Sudoku incrementally, from simpler Sudoku puzzles provided as assignment.

Our classes are also customised for students, based on interest.
You will notice our classes are interactive, students ask questions, students can think on their own, and above all, they are interested.

To enjoy the classes the way our students enjoyed and learnt at their pace, view these three videos: