The main school building (Block 1) for Klorofeel School, playscapes and sports grounds were ready in 2020. An overview of these is found at

Since then Klorofeel School campus built the Curiosity Block, a unique 60,000 square feet learning centre, designed to promote curiosity in our children.

Our academic year for the batch of 2020 came to an end in March 2021, and our students were assessed for their participation and progress in English, Hindi, Odia, Mathematics, Environmental Science, Quizzing, Book Reading, Problem Solving, Drama and Craft.

Our student batch in 2021-22 is doing all of these, with more rigour and practice. They have Quizzing, Drama, Art as part of their regular classes. And they are used to working with science in everyday life. Our students are inspired by the करके देखो learning philosophy, inspired by the nation’s science educator, Brahmanand Swain, sparking curiosity in two generations of students with his Science Camps since 1989.

We are now open for admissions to academic session 2023-2024. Students are getting admitted into L KG, through Class 8, for the session beginning April 2023. All admitted students have access to our Books and Toys Library, and are part of our engagement program.

With our academic session beginning on April first week, we will have regular classes, plus books, toys, team activities, assignments and projects for home. While health related restrictions continue, Klorofeel School infrastructure is best equipped to meet the challenges. We have large classrooms and large number of open spaces allowing our teachers to do lessons outdoors. Such freedom not just enables more effective education but is also safer in difficult times.

Right through 2020 and 2021, Klorofeel School demonstrated that education is not just about teachers delivering content through the screen. Experts conform with the Klorofeel School viewpoint that screen time must be limited for children – so we have limited regular screen time only till lunch. The rest of the time, students are busy with a variety of activities at home – assignments that can be completed with material available at home, preparation for quizzes, solving puzzles, drama and artwork, all with guidance from an expert teacher.

Students from different schools and different learning principles receive personalised attention so they feel comfortable with the learning environment at Klorofeel School. Those with difficulty in Hindi, Odia or English have received special attention.

Students are encouraged to take initiative, they learn teamwork and communication, and are visibly free to ask questions. They are exposed to variety of experiences that includes sessions with noted science educator, Samar Bagchi, famed economist Kaushik Basu, Air Force pilot Wing Commander Patil, National Gallery of Modern Art Curator, Arghya … Our students are performing artistes in events like Rabindra Jayanti or Hindi Divas, exploring young scientists during No Shadow Day, quizmasters testing their teachers during Teachers’ Day, and enthusiastic participants in quizzes and puzzles almost all the time. They speak during Assembly and they question in every class. Their eagerness to speak and question, talent in performing arts, and flair at art and craft make them distinct from other children their age. The more senior among them are also getting aware of problem solving in their neighbourhood, or patiently getting into creating robots. They are also learning science, maths, social science and the languages – with methods that nurture their curiosity and openness to absorb new knowledge.

We invite parents to admit their children early, so they can be part of the learning experiences with Klorofeel School.

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11th Dec 2021